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November 5, 2011
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Shady Siesta by KaiserTiger Shady Siesta by KaiserTiger
My half of a trade with *H-Skarriad! She asked for me to draw her caracal fursona Skkariad with her bff Redshadow, who's a serval. I decided the two of them should in enjoy a nice afternoon nap under the shade of a tree. <3

D: Ffft, I drew all the leaves by hand again but I think I've finally found a style of background that works with the my character style.

xD She actually completed her half back in August and I'm just now getting around to finishing up mine. Thanks so much for being soooo patient btw. Hopefully it was worth the wait! <33

Her awesome half here:

Skarriad © *H-Skarriad
Redshadow © ~Red-shadow-22
Art © Firestar // =KaiserTiger 2007 - 2011

Time: 4-5 hours
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wolffur11 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013

Man your felines are good.

Wish I could draw like that lol How can DA help you? 

awesome possum  

Rey-nuh Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2012
Do you use any kind of help for the grass, leaves etc? O-o they are awesome.
And i like the one that's laying down. (sorry, i'm new to you so i am not caught up! :3)
IaldaTK Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Student General Artist
so how do you draw your grass? :)
ive been studing and looking at a lot of different background styles and am just wondering :)
TIGRESSEzero Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
J'adorer Tigres aussi!!!
IaldaTK Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Student General Artist
On m'a donné ce surnom en classe de français. :) Je l'aime beaucoup!
KaiserTiger Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
All of my grass is usually hand drawn with each blade being an individual brush stroke. It takes a long time to do (which is why I seem to only do small patches of grass and never whole pictures! xDD) but I really love the natural effect it gives. c: There's also another type of grass style I use for quickie pictures like my comics. [link] (used it sorta here too [link]) It's definitely not as natural looking but it's a lot quicker and I can cover bigger areas.

I guess it all depends on what you're going for and how realistic you want your grass to look though! :D If you're wanting something with more detail, go for individual brush strokes, but something more cartoony would be better off with a simple grass style. Ffft, I hope that helped a bit. :3
IaldaTK Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2012  Student General Artist
that helps a lot :) Thanks a bunch! :D
BlackLightning95 Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Hobbyist
wow really nice pic^^
KaiserTiger Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! :heart:
Balto333 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011
I love this so much! :D
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