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Because I've had a lot of really nice people draw me awesome fan art. <33




Contest || EBC Valon/Avita cub design

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 19, 2015, 10:10 PM


Contest over! Dap and I are going to take around a week to shuffle through the entries and pick winners before announcing the results in a separate journal and contacting people to sort out prizes. Thanks a ton for your participation guys. ;3

Valon and Avita of Air Empire are expecting to have another litter of cubs sometime in April, and instead of designing the final unclaimed cub ourselves, DappledSun and I decided to open a design contest. While this isn't anything more than a simple character design contest, there are a few restrictions and rules that are kind of important in regards to this cub, so if you're interested in entering, please read below!


:bulletblack: This contest is for one cub design for an up coming litter of Valon and Avita of EBC's Air Empire

:bulletblack: The cub must be female and somehow incorporate elements from both her parents. Please try to avoid throwing in random "mutations" or other design elements that aren't readily found in her parents without at least running the idea by Dap or me first.

:bulletblack: Variations in color palette are fine; the cub doesn't need to be a carbon copy of either of her parents. But if you need an idea of what their possible offspring could look like, you can refer to Nero and Vulcan from their previous litter for inspiration.

:bulletblack: This cub will be strictly serval, so typical species traits should be considered.

:bulletblack: Adding a description of the cub's personality and any other details to give a better feel of the character isn't 100% mandatory, but a high plus, too!


:bulletblack: DappledSun and I will both be co-modding this contest so winners will be decided between the two of us.

:bulletblack: Multiple entries are allow, but only one cub design that best meets the contest details will be chosen as a winner.

:bulletblack: Full color entries are preferred, but as long as you're able to convey an easily understandable complete character concept, anything goes.

:bulletblack: This contest is open to both current EBC members and people wanting to join the group. However, please don't enter simply for the character design. The winner should at least plan to be somewhat active in the group with the cub.

:bulletblack: Contest ends March 24, 2015


:bulletblack: First place: Winner's character design will be chosen as Valon and Avita's official cub; one full body sketch of the cub from KaiserTiger; and one sketch from DappledSun and probably plenty of art of your cub from both of us in the future, who are we kidding

:bulletblack: Second place: One full body sketch of any character of your choosing from both KaiserTiger and DappledSun

:bulletblack: Third place: One headshot sketch of any character of your choosing from both KaiserTiger and DappledSun

Extra || References

:bulletblack: Note: While both Dap and I will try to keep tabs on entries, it might be a safe bet to send any immediate questions to DappledSun because my activity here is still very infrequent atm. Also, please link all entries in the comments section of this journal so we're sure to see them.

The parents:
Valon - ref by KaiserTiger EBC: Avita the Just by DappledSun

Previous offspring / siblings:
EBC: Nero by KaiserTiger EBC: Vulcan Stronghammer by DappledSun

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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States

Current Fursonas:
- Main: Kasa
- Secondary: Xeno

Hiya! This box tells me I should tell you a little about myself, so I will! :3

I'm the artist known as KaiserTiger, but a lot of people also know me by my TLKFAA username, Firestar or my irl nickname, Kasa. I'll answer to any of those! I'm a 22 year old college student majoring in Medical Laboratory Science who spends her free time drawing cartoon animals. I currently live in Richmond, Kentucky.

I started uploading my pics online Jan. 2007 on TLKFAA, then here in Jun. 2007 which gives me over 5 years of online art community experience! xD My artistic style is extremely inspired and influenced by Kazuki Takahashi (Yu-Gi-Oh series), Tetsuya Nomura (TWEWY), and, of course, Disney. I prefer to draw animals over people with my specialties being wolves, foxes, and felines of all species.

I also like to work on stories involving my characters when I get the chance. Currently, I'm working solely on stories involving my rp group EmpiresBeforeClans along with the help of a few friends. We're hoping for there to be several short comics and definitely one full comic inspired by the world we've created for this group.


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sakimura123 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
are you gonna continue the krosfox group?
LeviTheShortyX3 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hii! I hope you get to read this cause I wanted to tell you that I love your art so much! I just .. GAAH.. I love it >w< you were one of the first people who inspired me to draw... Before I created this account.. And I still had that Lion king faze ~ where I tried to draw EVERY SINGLE LK CHARACTER X'D ... Believe me there were so many O-O .. But I guess I just want to say.. Thank you for making art like this.. It's just BEAUTIFULL! [chur nr#1 fan! x'D >w< ]
Fyrrell Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015  New member Hobbyist General Artist
You probably get this question A LOT but I'd love to know what art program you use and if possible what devices (tablet, mouse etc.) you use?

Thank you in advance!
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Sad to say that some of your art has been taken and used without copyright or credit. I apologize in advance for your hard work being used in such a way and wish I could do more.…
tecpanther Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015
Hello, I hate to bring this here, but I have a question for you. On a social site called Ovipets, someone was trying to order a commission of your character Valon. They did explain to us that it was yours and that they were friends with you and a huge fan. After being confronted, they stated that "If artists don't want their art being drawn, they should not post them on the internet."

I considered this Art Theft, and was wondering what your opinions on this were. After all, it was your character that they were using.

I am so sorry to bug you, but I feel this was necessary. I can provide screenshots if you wish to see them.
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